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22-Feb-2018 Pharmacist/Future Partners - Globe Pharmacy (Ipoh)
22-Feb-2018 OneMeds Pharmacy Sdn Bhd (Cheras, Kuala Lumpur)-Pharmacist Assistant
19-Feb-2018 Pharmacist / PRP - Green River Pharmacy (Penang)
14-Feb-2018 Retail Pharmacist - Highland Pharmacy (Cameron Highland)
08-Feb-2018 Pharmacy for Takeover - Bandar Baru Bangi
23-Jan-2018 Retail Pharmacist - StarChain Pharma (Ulu Kinta)
16-Jan-2018 UKM Kesihatan Sdn Bhd (Cheras)-Pharmacist
16-Jan-2018 PMG Pharmacy Sdn Bhd (Melaka, Sabah, Sarawak)-Pharmacist, Nutritionist/Dietitian, Pharmacy/Dental Assistant
15-Jan-2018 Razzaq Pharmacy (Paka and Kuala Terengganu)-Retail Pharmacist
28-Dec-2017 Medico Healthcare-Pharmacy Business Opportunity
12-Dec-2017 Pharmacist (Sales role) - iX Biopharma Ltd (Singapore)
29-Nov-2017 Pharmacist - Tunjang Selatan Sdn Bhd (Johor Bahru)
22-Nov-2017 Pharmacist, Pharmacist Assistant/PRP - Big Pharmacy (KL, Selangor, Seremban, Johor)
14-Nov-2017 Pharmacist - Samad Pharmacy (Seri Kembangan)
08-Nov-2017 Pharmacist/PRP - Mercury Pharmacy (Pahang/ Terengganu/ Kelantan/ N.Sembilan)
01-Nov-2017 Retail Pharmacist - Mediconstant Pharmacy Sdn Bhd (Ipoh, Taiping, Kuala Kangsar)
24-Oct-2017 Senior Executive / Assistant Manager - Sunway Pharmacy (Selangor)
20-Oct-2017 Pharmacist cum Partner - CityMedic Pharmacy Sdn Bhd (Melaka)
17-Oct-2017 PMG Pharmacy Sdn Bhd (Sarawak/Melaka)-Pharmacist/Assitant/Dietitian
17-Oct-2017 Community Pharmacy (Kajang)-Fully Registered Pharmacist (FRP)

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