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Title: MPS Hospital Pharmacy Chapter Report 2016 and TOR
Date: 16-Apr-2018
Category: Hospital Pharmacy
Annual General Meeting

The MPS Hospital Pharmacy Chapter

Advisor                                    En. Amrahi bin Buang 

Chairperson                            En Mohd. Fazli bin Shuib

Secretary                                Pn Che Zuraini Sulaiman

Assistant Secretary                 Ms. Wong Yin Yen

Committee Members             

Kol Dr A. Halim Bin Haji Basari

Lt Kol Adlan bin Adnan

Ms. Irene Kwan Yee Man

Ms. Lee Seng Dee

Ms Faridah Md Yusof

Ms Cheryl Shajini Pereira

                                                Ms Lee Ser Yiing

Ms. Giam Wei Li

Ms. Sue Hui San

Ms. Anita Victor Bayala

Ms. Sherry Woo Hui Yeng

Ms. Eliza Basir

Ms. Penwalla Nazia Iqbal

Ms. Tan Ai Sze

Ms. Chang Ai Wei

Ms. Mak Yuet Mei

Ms. Susan Cheow Poh Kheng

(Representative from MoH Hospital Pharmacist)

(Representative from MoH Hospital Pharmacist)

The MPS Hospital Pharmacy Chapter is established under the umbrella of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society representing hospital pharmacists from all sectors namely from public, military, private and teaching institutions. The chapter existence has been a result of realisation of pressing needs surrounding hospital pharmacy practices in order to meet current as well as future challenges.

November 3, 2014 was the first milestone for the Chapter whereby a kick-off meeting was held on amongst a group of Chief/Senior Pharmacists from various hospitals in an effort to form a strong and well-organized component of hospital pharmacy profession. The meeting, in the presence of MPS Deputy President, marked as the starting point of a journey for another equally important pharmacy chapter, the MPS Hospital Pharmacy Chapter. During the meeting, all present deliberated and agreed on the needs to setup a common platform that comprises hospital pharmacists from all sectors namely from MoH, MoE, MoD, and Private Hospitals with the main objective of uniting all hospital pharmacists from those sectors under one umbrella hence stronger representation on hospital pharmacy related matters at national level. Outcomes of the meeting was the formation of steering committee comprises representatives from all sectors and drafting of scope & TOR for the Chapter.

The chapter aims to represent hospital pharmacy profession within Malaysia; develops, standardizes and encourages best practices among hospital pharmacies in order to ensure efficient and effective delivery of pharmaceutical care across the continuum of patient care and best outcomes for patients in the hospital settings. The chapter shall be the driver to support hospital pharmacists in leading collaborative and multidisciplinary initiatives at their respective hospital settings through sharing of best practices and responsibility with other healthcare professionals in the medication management.  

Terms of References: MPS Hospital Pharmacy Chapter (MPS HPC)

  1. Mission Statement 

MPS Hospital Pharmacy Chapter represents and develops the hospital pharmacy profession within Malaysia in order to ensure efficient and effective delivery of pharmaceutical care across the continuum of patient care and best outcomes for patients in the hospital setting. This is achieved through the provision of advancement of safe, effective medication use in hospital setting and shared responsibility with other healthcare professionals.

  1. Vision:

MPS Hospital Pharmacy Chapter’s vision is that medication use will be optimal, safe and effective for all people and safe medication practices is the top priority of all hospital pharmacists.

  1. Purpose:
    1. To uphold the interests and to represent hospital pharmacists within the Malaysian healthcare systems as well as with relevant health authorities.
    2. To advocate the provision for safe and effective medication use in healthcare settings.
    3. To develop hospital pharmacy in order to promote the best medication practices and safe use of medicines
    4. To connect, learn and share about current issues in hospital pharmacy practices and other specialized pharmacy areas with pharmacists in various fields in Malaysia.
    5. To support members through advocacy, education, sharing of information, promotion of best practices, facilitation of research and recognition of excellence.
    6. To act as a platform for the education and training of hospital pharmacists as part of continuing professional development (CPD) including research grants and professional awards, training, and professional resources through various official publications.  
  1. Activities
  1. Setting up of social media for the Chapter as communication channel
  2. Statistical compilation hospital pharmacy in Malaysia
  3. Sharing of accreditation, achievement and awards amongst hospitals
  4. Participation in conferences, seminars and workshop
  5. Articles writing e.g.: “A Day as a Clinical Pharmacist..."
  6. Activities and events updates eg: World Pharmacists Day, Safety Day, etc
  1. Frequency of Meetings

Shall meet at meet at least two (2) times annually and may also meet on other occasions

between scheduled meetings to deal with specific matters as and when the need arises.

  1. Term of Office/Review

The group Terms of Reference (TOR) will be reviewed biannually

  1. Appointment of Committee Members

Membership of the Hospital Pharmacy Chapter shall be subject to

  1. Active MPS members with continuous employment in hospital settings (MOE, MOH, MOD & Private)
  2. Nomination and voluntary basis
  1. Duration of Appointment

Two years, with facility for reappointment

  1. Quorum

At least 50% of the members


Mohd Fazli Shuib

MPS Hospital Chapter Chairperson 2013-2016

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