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Title: Forum on Zoning of Community Pharmacy
Date: 13-Feb-2018
Category: Community Pharmacy
Professional Practice
Description: Forum on Zoning of Community Pharmacy

The location or zoning of community pharmacies have been discussed at length some years ago. There have been attempts to provide some guidelines on the zoning. The closest guideline related to the location was in the Community Pharmacy Benchmarking Guidelines 2011 which states that the location of new pharmacies should be located at an appropriate distance from existing pharmacies. However, later edition of the Guidelines (2016) do not seem to have this statement. 

Previously, there were efforts to implement zoning ( e.g Johor) but without much success. As such, there are instances of new community pharmacy opening up close to or in some instances just next door to existing ones which does not auger well for the orderly practice of the profession. 

Therefore, it is thus necessary to re-look into incorporating the zoning statement back into the Guidelines. Many factors need to be looked into for zoning implementation in Malaysia with regards to locations in big cities, small towns and rural areas. Some criteria need to be developed for these types of locations. 

Thus, MPS is organising an open forum to discuss the issues of zoning and eventually prepare a memorandum to the Pharmacy Services Program, Ministry of Health for the incorporation of the zoning statement into the Guidelines. 

Date: Saturday, 10th March 2018 
Venue: Wisma MPS 

2.00 pm: Opening speech by President 
2.10 pm: Input from invited speakers 

      Topics: 1. Agreement to reinstate zoning into Community Pharmacy Benchmarking Guidelines 
                  2. Formulation of specifications for different types of locations across the country
                  3. Identification of challenges in the implementation of zoning
3.30 pm: Discussion 
4.30 pm: Declaration  
4.45 pm: Tea and adjourned 

The Forum is open to all pharmacists who owns and / or operating pharmacies. Do feel free to inform any of these pharmacists who are also welcome to the Forum. 

We look forward to your confirmation of attendance by email to lydia.mps@gmail.com with the subject matter as : CPZ - "your name"

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