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Title: MPS Seminar Prog Update: RUUF Briefing by Ministry of Health Officer: 27th May at 5. 45pm
Date: 23-May-2016
Category: Seminars
Pharmacy Legislations and Issues

Dear Pharmacist,

Please note that there will be a special  session to provide updates on the Rang Undang-Undang Farmasi (RUUF, New Pharmacy Bill). on 28th May

The RUUF has been put forward by the Ministry of Health quite some time ago.  Lately there have been updates, the most recent  being that stakeholders including pharmacists (through the MPS & MCPG) were invited to attend a briefing that was held on 9th May 2016 at the Multi-Purpose Hall of the Ministry of Health in Putrajaya and chaired by the Director-General of Health.

In order for more members of the Society to benefit from the briefing, MPS have seek the assistance of the Pharmaceutical Services Division to provide a speaker to deliver a similar Presentation at the MPS Annual Seminar.

Details are as below,
Title: Updates of RUUF
Date:27th May 2016 (Friday)
Time: 5.45pm-6.45pm

Venue: Classics Ballroom, Holiday Villa Subang

ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND THE BRIEFING . However as there is an ongoing session before this, the door will only be open for those intending after the earlier session has ended at 5.45pm.

While the speaker could be providing updates on the RUUF as a whole, there are certain contentious issues that have surfaced and many would raise questions on them.  As such we would suggest that they be raised now so that they can be forwarded to the speaker beforehand.  This will allow the speaker to place more emphasis in areas raised.

Your questions / opinions / suggestions ought to be clearly stated and focused on the topics listed below:

1. Issuance of Prescriptions is not mandatory. Doctors shall issue prescriptions to patients upon request
2. Stating Indications / diagnosis on prescriptions is not mandatory
3. Compounding can be done by professions other than pharmacists
4. Psychotropic medicines can be dispensed by doctors
5. Juruteknologi Farmasi can be supervised by non-pharmacists
6. Penalties
7. Price control
8. Itemized Billing
9. Others

Please send us your questions / opinions / suggestions regarding these topics latest by 11pm, 24th May 2016 to:
1. sharondw1992@gmail.com
2. marianiahmadnizaruddin@yahoo.com

_Note: Please follow this format for your *email title*._
*RUUF Point 1 & 2*

You may view the full original document announced by MOH on 9th May 2016 on this issue on RUUF Facebook Page:

An online petition on the RUUF has also been put up by a group of concerned pharmacists. You can voice your concern or express your disagreement here:





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