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Title: New Pharmacy Bill - Update on Society's respond
Date: 07-Dec-2012
Category: Pharmacy Legislations and Issues



As an update on the situation of the New Pharmacy Bill,  and since the issues involved are very important to pharmacy practice please note that the following actions have been taken.

1. Responded to the Online Public Engagement on Pharmacy Bill through the email ruuf@moh.gov.my  (issues worked out during Pharmacist Forum)
2. Contacted and follow up with written letter to the Private Secretary and Press Secretary of the Minister of Heatlh to express MPS Concern over the issues that seems not to have been addressed int he Pharmacy Bill, namely dispensing separation, pharmacy ownership, zoning and professional fees
3. Written to the Private Secretary of the Prime Minister seeking a courtesy call to express MPS views on the New Pharmacy Bill (date of proposed courtesy call is 18th Dec)
4. Seeking an appointment with the MPS legal advisor to discuss on the possibility of drafting out Clauses pertaining to Dispensing Separation, Pharmacy Ownership, zoning and Professional fees and presenting it to the Minister for consideration. (date of proposed visit is the morning of 14th Dec)


5. Encourage the Association members, and asking the MPS-Branch to encourage the individual members in each State to respond directly to the email given. As the call from the Ministry of Health is for public comments all individual pharmacists are encouraged to do so.  If you don't it is almost certain there will be other non-pharmacist individuals including the medical doctors, consumer associations and other interest groups will also offer their comments.

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