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Title: Olivenol and Unregistered Products
Date: 01-Dec-2012
Category: Pharmacy Legislations and Issues

To All Members of MPS:-
The recent efforts by drug enforcement officers to clear the pharmacy shelves of unregistered products which use to be under the “food” status before have caused some concern among pharmacists.

A  meeting was held on 30th Nov 2012 between Encik Mohd Hatta Ahmad, Director of Pharmacy Enforcement, and Datuk Nancy Ho, President of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. In attendance was Tn Hj Abdul Karim Mohd Tahir, Deputy Director (Enforcement) , Sabah.

The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society appreciates the proactive efforts by the authorities to clarify the situation. The Drug Enforcement Officers were acting upon complaints received by the Regulating Affairs Division that Olivenol should not be marketed because it needed to be registered. It was understood that at one time “Olivenol” was classified as a “food”. Nevertheless, it is likely that in this instance, the pharmacies concerned will not be charged whereas the issue will be tackled at source, i.e. with the manufacturers.

The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society appreciates that this incidence serves to pave the way to learn the importance of ensuring all medicinal products are registered. It was highlighted that products such as “gamat” and Honey with medical products incorporated need registration. Any products that claim to heal a body condition must be registered. The members of the Society are urged to be vigilant in ensuring that the “status” of any product marketed is understood. If in doubt, please consult the Regulatory Body.
Meanwhile, Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society will be writing officially to the Regulatory Body to request for listing of items in different categories to differentiate “drugs” from “food”. If any new information is available, the MPS hopes to receive update on a regular basis. As safe custodians of drugs, pharmacists are requested to continue to monitor the classification and status closely to augment efforts by the Drug Enforcement Unit as a self-regulatory measure.
Thank You and Enjoy Pharmacy
Datuk Nancy Ho


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