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Date: 09-Jun-2011
Category: Pharmacy Legislations and Issues

You can now renew your 2012 Pharmacist Annual Retention.  As usual you are to:
1. Fill in the Borang 10 >> (download here)
2. Purchase RM 50/- worth of Money Order, Postal order or bank draft made payable to Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia.
However there are additional new administrative procedures effective since Jan 2011. You are also to provide the following: 

3. Self-address envelope half A4 size
4. Postage Stamp RM 1/- to be affixed to the self-addressed envelope
5. Registered Pos Barcode Label  RM 2.20 (to be provided and not to be stick on the envelope)
All the above (1-5) are to be sent to the Pharmacy Board in Petaling Jaya
For the renewal of Pharmacist Annual Retention 2012, MPS would continue to offer assistance to members (as well as non-members) to submit their application to the Lembaga Farmasi
Just send to MPS item 1 and the required payment (see form below) and MPS will take care of the rest (2-5).
Note: MPS only serve to carry out the logistics of gathering all the paraphernalia (2-5) and forwarding them to the Pharmacy Board.  It is the individual pharmacists who shall be responsible to fill in accurately Borang 10. Final approval and sending out the certificate is done by Pharmacy Board.


Mode of Payment
 A) r Cheque    r Bankdraft No _________________ For the sum of RM ____________________
Payment should be made payable to “Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society”.
B) r By direct bank transfer via MAYBANK ATM / Cash Deposit Machine into the bank account no: 0-14271-31967-2. You MUST send the bank receipt to MPS to confirm your payment.
C) Credit Cards: r VISA    r Master Card   r AMEX   For the sum of RM ____________________
Card number: ________________________________________________________________
Valid till: _______________         Name­ on card: __________________________________
Date: __________________                    Signature: _______________________________
Amount Payable
1. For MPS members
Please make a payment of RM 60/- (RM 50/- for your retention fees, RM 10/- for the envelope, postage stamps, registered pos barcode label and bank charges)
2. For non-MPS members (or lapsed members i.e. those who have not paid their 2011/2012 subscription)
Please make a payment of RM 70/- (RM 50/- for your retention fees, RM 20/- for envelope, postage stamps, registered pos barcode label, bank charges and administrative charges).
3. Lapsed Annual Retention 
You will have to renew the 2011 Annual Retention first before you can renew your 2012 Annual Retention. The amount for this lapse retention is RM 170/- (RM 150/- for your lapsed retention fees, and RM 20/- for MPS bank, postage, stationery and fax charges). 

NOTE- This is a service to members (and non-members) of MPS. You can still submit your Annual Retention form direct to the Lembaga Farmasi by yourself.


>>> Click here for MPS Payment Form

>>> Click here for Borang 10

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