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Title: FRIM - R&D Applied and Advanced Outcomes via Proteomics - Dec 2003
Date: 04-Feb-2004
Category: Industrial / Manufacturing

Forestry Research Insitute Malaysia (FRIM)
Centre for Proteomics

R&D Applied and Advanced Outcomes via Proteomics


Agro Biotechnology - Conventional methods of genetics and genomics now
complemented by proteomic characterization of each organism - differential
protein expression from differential gene expression - how does this manifest in
macro properties of the organism and identity and distribution of bioactive natural


Nutraceutical - differential protein expression responsible for organism
metabolomics and thus the activity - both therapeutic and toxic - of the
nutraceutical preparation.  Safe or dangerous; is actives concentration consistent?

Pharmaceutical - protein expression differences between well and diseased
states of an organism, disease markers for diagnostics, proteins as targets for drug
intervention, proteins as new drugs

Chemical - proteins are the 'chemical factories' of the cell, extremely efficient,
highly specific, can be harnessed for more conventional chemical synthesis and

Diagnostics - individual proteins or arrays of authentic proteins can provide
efficient and accurate disease diagnostics faster, cheaper, and more economical
than genomics based methods

Disease signaling pathways - functional proteomics for understanding signaling
pathways in organism - differentiate normal vs abnormal functionality as relates
to disease - implement 'personalized medicine'

Animal biotechnology - differential protein expression accounting for macro
properties of the organism - disease and wellness markers, halal and haram

*  Molecular medicine - diagnosis, treatment and prevention of many diseases
begins at the protein level - understanding the proteome of the organism is

Industrial and environmental - what changes do endocrine disruptors cause in
humans, in fish and birds, in plants; how can proteins be used to accelerate or
inhibit industrial reactions

Food - functional proteomics to enhance the nutritional and therapeutic value of
foods, enhanced yields, disease and pest resistance, drought tolerance

FRIM can be contacted at: 03-62797000

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