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Title: International Symposium on Asian Pharmacy Practice and 2nd Tri-City Pharmaceutical conference (FIP, FAPA): 8-9 Sep 2001
Date: 08-Jun-2001
Category: FAPA

The Taiwan Pharmaceutical Association is organising the International Symposium on Asian Pharmacy Practice on Sep 8-9, 2001 in Taipei. This is immediately following the 61st International Congress of FIP in Singapore.

The main team of the conference is to learn and promote the patient-centered services in the community pharmacies in different Asian countries. Through inviting the FAPA member countries to share their pharmacy practice experiences in the community setting, the conference will also invite speakers from the United States, Canada, and Europe to share their experiences on pharmaceutical care practice in different settings. A post-symposium tour to the north-east coast, presidential garden and museums will be arranged for the interested participants.

There is a special offer for early registration ? 2 for price of 1 (almost). Please check their website at: http://www.cpa.org.tw

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