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15-Nov-2009 Value Pharmacists, Not Sideline Them
/ The Star
04-Dec-2009 Pill-popping folly
/ NST online
09-Aug-2009 Cheer for pharmacists
/ NST online
14-Jul-2008 No plans to separate functions of clinics and pharmacies
17-Jan-2009 Pharmacists ready to take over dispensing of medicine
13-Jul-2009 Chua sticks by clinics' dispensing
26-Mar-2010 Aussie practice might work well here
03-Jun-2010 Controlled drugs: Punishment must be more severe
15-Aug-2013 Peddling fake drugs online
By Lim Wey Wen
05-Mar-2015 Why doctors in Malaysia should return the right to dispense medicines back to the pharmacist?
11-Jul-2010 1Care for 1Malaysia: Frequently asked questions
/ NST online
22-Dec-2010 Why Dispense of Medicine Should Be Left to Pharmacy?
13-Feb-2012 Bitter pill for pharmacy grads
09-Dec-2011 Medicine shortage due to allocation delay
/ the star online
24-Apr-2012 Come Clean 1care, says Fomca
13-Nov-2015 Singapore to ban emerging tobacco products from mid-December
15-Apr-2014 Fresh Graduates Struggling to Survive - Jobstreet Poll
Source: The Borneo Post, Tuesday April 15, 2014
27-Feb-2015 To separate or not to separate
30-Mar-2015 Doctors demand transparency
28-Sep-2017 The proposed Pharmacy Bill is unjustified
SM Mohamed Idris | Updated 27 Sep 2017, 4:48 pm

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