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24-Sep-2016 Manfaatkan khidmat ahli farmasi
Berita Harian
23-Sep-2016 Hari Farmasi Sedunia disambut Ahad ini
Utusan Online
19-Sep-2016 Report aims to make medicines accessible for many more people
the star online
18-Sep-2016 Construction sites still top Aedes breeding ground
the star online
17-Sep-2016 Ahli Farmasi Boleh Main Peranan Didik Orang Ramai Elak Jangkitan Zika
17-Sep-2016 藥劑管制局草擬新法案 建議准跨社區配藥
Guang Ming Daily
17-Sep-2016 Pharmacists nationwide urged to educate society on zika
The Sun Daily
11-Sep-2016 Do pharmacists know enough about supplements and traditional medicines?
The Star2
09-Sep-2016 Meeting demand for trained pharmacists
the star online
09-Sep-2016 大馬2藥劑公會 16至18日辦座談會
Guang Ming Daily
05-Sep-2016 'Drugs' vague legal status can lead to rapid spread
NST online
05-Sep-2016 Kementerian Kesihatan pantau jualan ubat tidak berdaftar
Berita Harian
05-Sep-2016 Registration of TCM practitioners mandatory by year-end
The Sun Daily
05-Sep-2016 药剂师比例料2年內达標
Oriental Daily
03-Sep-2016 Pharmacists can prescribe
the star online
01-Sep-2016 Shared medical expertise to help customers' well-being
the star online
30-Aug-2016 Help the pharmacy and medical graduates to get jobs
the star online
29-Aug-2016 Medication must not be sold without prescription
the star online
29-Aug-2016 145 private facilities including universities and pharmacies join quit smoking programme
The Sun Daily
19-Aug-2016 End the long wait of new pharmacy graduates
the star online

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