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17-Nov-2015 Superbugs on the rise
The Star
17-Nov-2015 'Rokok elektronik, rokok biasa sama sahaja bahayanya' - Tun Mahathir
Astro Awani
17-Nov-2015 Salah guna antibiotik meningkat
Utusan Online
16-Nov-2015 Kerintangan antibiotik meningkat di Malaysia
Utusan Online
13-Nov-2015 'Let health experts decide on vape'
The Star
13-Nov-2015 Young pharmacists against vaping and e-cigarettes
The Malaysian Insider
13-Nov-2015 Singapore to ban emerging tobacco products from mid-December
13-Nov-2015 Pharmacists say 'aye' to controlling nicotine-based vapes
The Star
11-Nov-2015 Only pharmacists and docs can sell nicotine vapes
The Star
06-Nov-2015 Taxes for e-cigs being mulled
The Star
05-Nov-2015 Vaping to quit cigs solution up in smoke with nicotine ban
The Star
05-Nov-2015 Both cigs and vapes should be banned
The Star
02-Nov-2015 Back to basics in hospital care
The Star
29-Oct-2015 Be safe with medicines
The Star
28-Oct-2015 Treating the health of the nation
The Star
27-Oct-2015 Subra expects cheaper meds
The Star
26-Oct-2015 Medical fees for non-citizens to increase by 70%
The Star
24-Oct-2015 Zero GST on 8,630 brands of medicines
Daily Express Sabah
24-Oct-2015 Doctors: Remove GST for all healthcare services too
The Star
21-Oct-2015 Make all medicines zero-rated goods
The Sun Daily

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