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Title: MPS Diary on RUUF
Date: 27-Sep-2017
Category: Others


1996 Proposal to amalgate the 5 legislations affecting pharmacy into one with meeting of stakeholders in Sabah
2003 New Pharmacy Bill workshop
2004 Briefing to the Ministry of Health Steering Committee
2005 - 2010
  • Drafting of the New Pharmacy Bill
  • Dialogue between various agencies
  • Briefing to the DG and Minister of Health on the Bill
  • Review of the Bill by the AG office
20.11.2012 - 14.12.2012 Online public engagement on the Pharmacy Bill.
2013 - 2015 To seek clarification on the progress of the Bill, courtesy calls were made to various government departments including the Prime Minister Department, the Minister of Health, the Law Ministry, and the AG office.

A meeting was also held with PEMANDU on 3rd April 2015 and it seemed that they co-ordinated the process to call for a new dialogue among stakeholders
30.11.2015 - 4.12.2015 Meeting in Port Dickson with all stakeholders organised through PEMANDU. Discussion on 60 points out of the 170 in the RUUF among the stakeholders:
  • Doctor groups
  • Ministry of Health
  • Universities
  • Any other groups affected by the RUUF
About 150 participants
  The RUUF is classified as Confidential. Various attempts to declassify it was not successful. We need to know more as there could be some "unknown" clauses which could be unfavourable which they may not realise. Despite this the meeting went on the decisions of the group were summarised for the Ministry for their review and discussion with the AG Chambers
9.5.2016 DG called for briefing on Ministry decision on the Stakeholders Meeting and announcement of the 16 points
  Various meetings among MPS-RUUF Task Force members to discuss over the briefing and next step
15.5.2016 MPS, MCPG & MAP conducted a presentation on the current RUUF and get feedback from the representatives of numerous organizations to formulate a stand on the RUUF.
18.5.2016 A Concerned group initiated a public petition on "Your Prescription, Your Right, Your Safety" To highlight the issue to the RAKYAT and use as an education tool to teach about patient/consumer rights and safety http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/petition-against-ruuf It is an education tool to make the RAKYAT aware of the acts in the RUUF that infringe on their patient/consumer rights It is a tool to exert some pressure on the policy makers into going back to the drawing board on the 5 points that have been highlighted
18.5.2016 Concerned pharmacist set up FB page "Rang Undang-Undang Farmasi, RUUF/Pharmacy Bill" as a tool to disseminate and share information https://www.facebook.com/Rang-Undang-Undang-Farmasi-RUUFPharmacy-Bill-274835666196108/?fref=nf
19.5.2016 MPS, MCPG, Academy of Pharmacy issued a joint memorandum to the Prime Minister on the common stand objecting to 5 main areas with a detailed table stating the issues, the Ministry decision, and our objections (RUUF Maklumbalas v5)
  • Issuance of prescriptions to patients is not mandatory.
  • It is not mandatory to state Indication / Diagnosis on prescriptions
  • Pharmaceutical Compounding can be performed by non-pharmacists
  • Psychotropic medicines can be dispensed by prescribers
  • Pharmacy technician can be supervised by non-pharmacists
19.5.2016 MPS, MCPG & MAP met with the DG to hand over the memorandum highlighting the concerns on the 5 points.
25.5.2016 Meeting with Consumer International
27.5.2016 Briefing for Pharmacists on RUUF: 5.45pm-6.45pm, Classics Ballroom, Holiday Villa Subang ( Specially arranged pre-MPS AGM Seminar). Speaker: Secretary of Pharmacy Board
28.5.2016 At the MPS AGM the members gave a strong mandate to reject the RUUF based on the contentious issues and the stand will not change until a satisfactory response is received.
20.9.2016 Sent an updated memorandum to Prime Minister, restating the 5 points of concern and also the result of the petition so far:
  • online petition has 14,926 signatures,
  • manual petition has 3070.
  • For both at least 90% are from consumers
29.9.2016 Received copy of letter sent from PM Department to the Confidential Secretary of the Minister of Health
Sep 2016 Initiated a public campaign on "You Should Get your Prescription from Your Doctor" with poster and flyers A properly labelled Medicine campaign was also incorporated so as to increase support for request for mandatory prescriptions
16.11.2016 Received reply on the 5 points of concern from the Pharmaceutical Services Division
22.2.2017 MPS to the letter from PSD, restating the objections to the 5 issues that they are still not properly addressed.
16.3.2017 PSD replied to MPS letter concluding that the RUUF is subjected to their MOH Legal Advisor as well as approval of the Attorney General office
14.5.2017 Members were updated on the RUUF issue at the AGM
14.5.2017 FAPA Stakeholders' Forum on Separation of Dispensing from Prescription and the recommendations are, among others
  • To implement as soon as possible an improved locally suited SDP program to answer the issue of medication safety in countries where no separation of prescribing and dispensing functions exist. Train pharmacists for successful implementation of SDP and achieve goal of medication safety. The services that could be offered are: comprehensively review of prescriptions for any possible ADR, interactions, medication counselling and other aspects of medication safety.
  • In alliance with medical institutions - pharmacists should answer inquiries regarding patient safety, feedback about ADR and compliance, and consultation about medication.
11.11.17 Official handing over by the FAPA President, Mr Joseph Wang to the MPS President En Amrahi Buang, the FAPA Statement on Addressing the Medication Safety Challenge in Asian Countries: Separation of Dispensing and Prescription Practices at the Asian Young Pharmacists Group (AYPG) Summit held in the International Medical University, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
13.12.2017 Official letter to the Honorable Health Minister YB Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam informing about the FAPA Statement on Medication Safety, and calling upon the Health Ministry to extend it to all sectors involve in medicines management in both public and private sectors to ensure that prescribing errors be handled and detected and will not reach the patients.  And also calling on the Health Ministry to decide on SDP for private primary care setting once and for all and that the SDP be implemented soonest possible latest by 2020 in line with the National Healthcare Transformation Plan and TN50 initiatives.




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