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Title: iBulletin170216
Date: 16-Feb-2017
Category: iBulletin


Dear Pharmacist,

You are cordially invited to MPS Penang Area Annual General Meeting (AGM:

Date: 26/2/17 Sunday
Venue: Seminar Room 9, VISTANA Hotel , Bukit Jambul Penang
Time: 2pm to 6pm


1.30pm : Registration

2.00pm-3.30pm: Complementary Medicine in today's pharmacy.
By: Ms Monitar Tan, Senior Trainer , Asia for Blackmores Institute

3.30pm-4.00pm : Tea Break

4.00pm-5.00pm: AGM

5.00pm-5.30pm: Election for MPS PAC 2017-2019 new committee members

6.00pm: Adjourn

CPD points: 3 points

MPS member : Free
Non-MPS member: RM 25

Free Ultrasound Bone Density Test & Blackmores Goodie Bags (for first 100 registrants only)

For registration, please contact Ms Yong 012-560 4667

>>> Click here for Poster


A recent article in the Chemist & Druggist (UK) reported that the UK govt view that there are too many pharmacists

>>> http://www.chemistanddruggist.co.uk/news/psnc-vision-supported-tory-mp


If we failed to organize and ensure our services meet the expectation and needs of public, and to stand up to authorities by enhancing our professional role, we may suffer same fate of redundancy and be sidelined and further exploited by combative doctors not because we have no roles but in our weakness and unable to unite to defend our profession, or by default! Remember day 1 in pharmacy school, lecturer said no one owes pharmacist a living, we have to earn it and chart our individual future even with qualification, so true to this day not just pharmacists but many other professions including doctors. We have achieved a lot but not enough need to work harder as a team. We may disagree on some issues but there are so many common ones we agree which we must build on to keep the momentum going. Even in the UK where the profession appeared well entrenched with evolving new roles do face challenges conveniently posed by politician and others.

By Mr John Chang, IPP FAPA


Whatever course you take it is not the course but how the person makes use of the education to further him/herself. But one has better chance to succeed if you pursue it with passion.

As a decades old pharmacist I still see great potential having a pharmacy degree because it incorperates both science and professional practice knowledge and skill which are always in demand as long as there are human beings and what more now ever clamouring for better health and living longer. Our problem is mostly limiting the broad knowledge we received to the narrow field of clinical or community practice!

Pharmacy is a course with many career options. The pharmacy school websites will list no less than 10 or more options all of which we have the basic knowledge to build on with extended learning. There are very few other degree courses that give such broad skill including formulating, manufacturing, communication, couselling and selling ideas to patients, research, writing project papers, basic management and maths skill, not mentioning the chemistry and lab skill. Need I go further? I have told uncles and aunties that pharmacy is a good well rounded degree not many courses can match. The surplus manpower comes in cycle for any profession but even then there is always demand for EXPERIENCED, GOOD, HARDWORKING and PASSIONATE PHARMACISTS as there are many unemployed docs, accountants, lawyers,, etc. who just don't know what they want in life except waiting for low hanging fruits to plug! The concern is to identify the passion and natural interest in the child. He can even become a successful bricklayer turned into contractor and developer with strong character. We have seen many pharmacists excelled beyond their basic pharmacy qualification. So do take up pharmacy for broad knowledge and skill not just to be clinical or community pharmacists...there is always demand for hardworking people not necessary with qualification but the will to become useful and make good living out of it. But one needs to be patient to accumulate experience and confidence, and be socialable and network beyond just seeing pharmacists around you! There could be three types of pharmacist: one third will curse and condemn pharmacy wasting time no future, another third - ok lah boleh cari makan lah, another third -fantastic nothing like pharmacy because they are motivated, self-achiever, work hard on their knowledge and skill looking at opportunities and always a pleasure talking and mixing around with them not those who are always whining and complaining; anyway this group will succeed anyhow on anything they do!

Every field and every profession have its own challenges and issues but that doesn't mean pharmacist is no longer need in the work force/healthcare system. Until the day pharmacist is taken out of the equation; pharmacist will still be highly respected. The question is on, what kind of pharmacist a pharmacy-graduate wish to be? There are plenty of initiatives that pharmacists (even in Malaysia) are needed for. The job prospective is still very demanding. MPS has also shared a lot lately about pharmacy's job prospect. (see poster "What pharmacists do") and not to forget there are many atypical pharmacist role too.

Anyone here can make a difference to our profession by just lifting up our standard/quality that we provide to the community. That itself will make pharmacist a highly regard profession.

Mr John Chang, IPP, FAPA


The MPS Negeri Sembilan Area recently held their AGM on 12th Feb at the Royale Bintang Resort and Spa, Seremban from 9.30 am - 1.00pm

23 MPS - NS Area members were present, and as observers were 36 non-members and 2 MyPSA member, including the MPS President, Secretary and the Executive Director.

It was a lively AGM. One of the candidates for election had earlier withdraw from the contest to make way for the younger pharmacist to the committee. The following were elected into office:

Chairman : Lee Boon Yong
Vice Chairman : Lim En Ni
Treasurer : Zeti Akhtar Bt Mokhtarudin
Secretary : Azizah Bt Hj Ghazali
Committee Member : Gan Yi Hong
Boong Lek Hau
Tan Ai Hsin, Diana
Lee Huey Chian
Hiew Fei Tsong

After the AGM, En Amrahi Bin Buang, the President of MPS conducted a Meet-the-President session and also received questions from the floor.



The Malaysian Pharmacy Board has announced that the application for Pharmacist Annual Certificate is temporary suspended from 6th Feb till 27th Feb 2017. Furthur announcement on this will be announced on 28th Feb 2017 at www.pharmacy.gov.my

Any inquiries, please contact Mrs. Datcayani at 03-78413276 or datcayani@moh.gov.my

If you require further information you may contact any of the officers below:

Ms Lira at 0378413318
Ms Zila at 0378413319
Mr Ismeth at 0378413393
Ms Akhma at 0378413653


Please be informed that the application for Registration of PRP, Registration of FRP, Temporary Registration of Pharmacist through BLESS is temporarily postponed. All new applications are to be made manually with the Malaysian Pharmacy Board with effect from 15th Feb 2017.

Please visit www.pharmacy.gov.my for the instructions and forms. The Contact number for the officers in charge are as below

  1. Provisional Registration:
    1. Puan Hanisah binti Shafie (03-78413383/hanisah.shafie@moh.gov.my)
    2. Nur Husni binti Hamid (03-78413317/husni.hamid@moh.gov.my)
  2. FRP Registration :
    1. Encik Ahmad Farhan bin Paiman (03-78413246/farhanpaiman@moh.gov.my)
    2. Encik Ismeth Azril bin Shamsuddin (03-78413393/ismeth.azril@moh.gov.my)
  3. Temporary registration:
    1. Encik Ahmad Farhan bin Paiman (03-78413246/farhanpaiman@moh.gov.my)
    2. Nur Husni binti Hamid (03-78413317/husni.hamid@moh.gov.my)


For this year WPD, besides the activities that are being carried out with the States, MPS will be collaborating with the Selangor State Health Dept (Farmasi).

The State of Selangor will celebrate the WPD in different zones and the activities will be carried out in a wave. Each zone will form its own subcommittee to carry out the program. The date and activities in each zone are given below:

  1. Zon Kuala Langat - Sepang (Start)- April
  2. Zon Hulu Langat - May
  3. Zon Gombak - Jun
  4. Zon Hulu Selangor - July
  5. Zon Sabak Bernam - Kuala Selangor - Aug
  6. Zon Klang - Petaling (Final) - Sep

Two volunteers from the community pharmacy in each zone is require. If you are in the zone, please come forward with your name and contact number to mps.lamkk@gmail.com

Activities that are planned are

1. Kenali Ubat Anda - Exhibition and Display
2. Essary Writing Competion eg"If I am a pharmacist??" ( Winner / Prizes will be announced and given out during WPD)
3. Marathon }  Will be carried out by the Zones
4. Explorace
5. Treasure Hunt
6. HMR
7. Lain-lain

As each zone completes their activities, there will be a Passing KAPSUL ( with the Banner of WPD/MPS 50th Anniversary placed inside ) from zone to zone. At the final zone the Banner will be unfolded from the capsule at the Official Opening of the WPD

On the WPD (venue to be determined) the proposed activities will include Public Forum, Role Play of Good Dispensing Practice, Health screening, Photo booth, Health triage, Quit Smoking promotion with CO screening, Education video on Pharmacy, Vaccines, Antibiotic, QUM and Internet Drug Purchase awareness, Colouring Competition, Counterfeit Medicines

Keep a look out for more updates.


Washington, D.C. - The Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) is pleased to announce the approval of two new specialties; cardiology pharmacy and infectious diseases pharmacy. This announcement follows the final review of the petitions for each new specialty that took place during the BPS Board meeting held on February 8, 2017.

Harold Godwin, the 2017 Chairman of the BPS Board of Directors and Professor Emeritus at the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy provided the following comments: "The Board of Pharmacy Specialties is very pleased to formally acknowledge two new pharmacy specialties. The recognition of these specialties further illustrates our growth as a clinical profession and our ever increasing responsibilities in providing patient care. I want to also acknowledge the collaborative efforts of the four national pharmacy associations that developed these petitions. That type of collaboration is critical to the continued success of the pharmacy profession."

>>> Click here for Full Article


Members are encouraged to renew their membership as soon as possible. As an appreciation of your prompt payment, a bottle of *Surbex Bio C Plus (60's) worth RM 88/- is waiting for you for each renewal or new membership (Ordinary / PRP / FRP / Associate included), which is contributed by Abbott Laboratories. Life and Fellows automatically qualify for it and the voucher will be sent out in first week February.

Current Life and Fellow members of the Society automatically qualify for this free gift.

Hurry! Complimentary gift offer is valid until 31st March 2017

>>> Click for more information


Members can now get to purchase a brand Mercedes Benz car at a discount of 6%. This is following an MOU that has just been signed with the distributor for a period until 30th April 2017

Please note that the discount is for the purchase only one (1) new vehicle under this Sales Campaign period. Any other purchase of vehicle(s) under the same members' name within the Sales Campaign period will not be entitled for any further discount. The Fleet Discount provided for under this Sales Campaign cannot be combined with other sales campaigns and/or promotions. It is for a brand new car and not for pre-registered vehicles. The discount is only applicable when purchased from the authorized dealer.

One important condition is that all cars purchased under this promotion shall not be sold within a period of six (6) months from the date of registration of the car ("Prohibited Sale"). The member will have to give an undertaking not to sell the car within this Prohibited Sale period and this include transfer to anyone including any family members or to anyone else.

To obtain the discount please send in a form to provide your name, membership number, car model and the dealer to purchase the car from. MPS will then issue out a membership confirmation letter for the discount.

>>> Application form

>>> Mercedes Authorised dealer

>>> Vehicle Model qualify for the discount with indicative price


  • Pharmacist/ Nextage Pharmacy Sdn Bhd /Sri Kembangan/ Email to laily.zoehairi@gmail.com or call 0179558817.
  • Pharmacy Setup for Sale /Johor Bahru/ Call Prema at 012 6831904 or Mr V at 017 7221904
  • Pharmacist Assistant (Urgently Required) / Locum Retail Pharmacist (Required June - July 2017)/ OneMeds Pharmacy Sdn Bhd /Cheras, Kuala Lumpur/ Mr Philip Siow at 017-338 8071 or 03-8958 7467 or Email at one_meds@yahoo.com
  • Pharmacist - Tigas Alliance (various locations)/ Thanuja or Mona at 03 21106688 or 018-2629416 or email at careers@berjayapharmacy.com 
  • Pharmacist / Globe Pharmacy / Perak / Ms Sim at 012 5576812 or Mr Rajiv at 016 2603444 or email to mssim.gp@gmail.com
  • Retail Pharmacist / Axis Pharmacy Sdn Bhd /Penang/ Ms Joyce at 012 4716007 or email at axispharmacy@gmail.com

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