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Title: iBulletin 170202
Date: 02-Feb-2017
Category: iBulletin


Pharmacy in Crisis

It has been a few months since the launch of the "Ya, Anda Perlu Dapatkan Prescription Anda Daripada Doktor Anda" campaign. We fully support the campaign. From Day 1 we wrote to all the Doctors in our neighbourhood to explain what we will be doing so as not to create any misunderstanding or animosity. Gratefully, the Doctors are very supportive of the campaign and happy to prescribe for the patients. The good Doctors truly understand that the objective of a clearly written prescription in accordance with the law is to the benefit of patient care and safety. At the same time, we refer the patients to the Doctors to be properly diagnosed when the symptoms require their expert assessment. Mutual respect's achieved by us practising within our clinical capabilities without encroaching on the Doctor's responsibilities.

However, I think the pharmacy profession is truly in crisis. There are cancerous elements within the pharmacy profession that continue to hijack any attempts to improve our professional standing. Words that come to mind to describe such individuals and groups are selfish, corrupt, immoral, unethical, bullies, parasites and hypocrites. Hypocrites as some fail to practise what they preach. They call for unity but act in a divisive manner, shout for fairness but instill unfairness on others and beg for the Doctors to follow the law but they themselves break the law on a daily basis.

Today one of our patients who has been getting her medication dispensed against a valid prescription informed us that she is opting out of the program. In her own words, she deemed it 'leceh' that she needs a Doctor's prescription to have her medicine dispensed here at our pharmacy, whereas she is able to walk into another pharmacy in town and purchase without a prescription her anti-hypertensive and lipid-lowering agents. Ironically, in one stroke our dear colleague changed right to wrong and wrong to right. In one stroke, the patient and our colleague will play Doctor and probably put the patient's long term health at risk. In one stroke, we who do the right thing become the unhelpful, uncaring and leceh pharmacy.

Tragically pharmacists are in denial and quick to paint the Doctors as the culprit for all the ills afflicting our profession, failing to see that the responsibilities rest with us. We have no right to preach to others unless we clean up our own house first. For instance it is lame to say that one has to break the law to placate the patient because others are doing the same. We have a choice and that is to say 'NO' to all demands that go against the letter and spirit of the law.

The gist of having a prescription is to ensure the patient is properly diagnosed and for the treatment to be accurately communicated to the pharmacist, all for the sake of patient safety. How can it be that we campaign for the Doctors to issue a prescription on demand but at the same time excuse ourselves from having to dispense only when presented with a valid prescription? This reeks of double standards and hypocrisy. It is not convincing that pharmacists are concerned about the patients' welfare as long as medicines are treated as commodities and the dispensing without a valid prescription contributes to commercial gain and monopoly without penalty.

So, where does that leave us now? Many questions remain unanswered after decades of discussions at all levels, top to bottom. What does it take for negative elements to be weeded out from the profession? What is being done to address the dispensing without a prescription and other unethical practices such as the purchase and supply of KK stock, Parallel Imports and possibly counterfeits? What about those with a monopoly of the market share who have little regard for others and put the profession in disrepute by selling at a ridiculously low price to gain an unfair commercial advantage? What about the predatory practice of opening up adjacent to an existing pharmacy? Are we blind, deaf and dumb to all these?

Unfortunately, as demonstrated by the recent spate of high profile MACC arrests of officials in the public and private sectors, corruption is ingrained in the Malaysian society. Semua tutup sebelah mata. Running the red light, parking without paying, selling stolen merchandise, where do we draw the line between right and wrong? Psychopath, one who actively does things they know are wrong.Immoral- "I don't care, I'm doing it anyway."

Be warned, if we keep going down this convoluted path, the profession will never be respected by our peers and patients. We will at best be acknowledged as a budget throw price bottom feeder retailer with a dubious degree OR worst be perennial criminals in the eyes of the law. The enemy's within, not without. Lack of respect for rule of law will lead to anarchy.

Back to our own backyard, what can the MPS do to convince members like myself that MPS does not welcome those unethical pharmacists who clearly flout the law and how will they be reprimanded? Or, do we need to go down the road of establishing an independent taskforce to lodge an official complaint with the inspectorate on a case by case basis?

Many thanks.

Kindest regards,

Mr Tee Koon Hien
MMPS No.: 4141

"All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride." C Sophocles, Antigone



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the Annual General Meeting of the Negeri Sembilan Area shall take place as follows:-

Date : 12th February, 2017
Venue : Royale Bintang Resort & Spa Seremban (NEW VENUE)
Time : 9.30am

The AGM is open to all MPS members resident in the territory of Negeri Sembilan only and all Negeri Sembilan MPS Members are invited to attend.

Please note that the Ballot paper for the nominated candidates have been mailed out to all Negeri Sembilan members. Please return it with your choice of candidates with the self-addressed stamp envelope, or drop it at the venue of the AGM. Only the original ballot paper will be valid and no photocopy is allowed. The CV of candidates are available online.

To cater for lunch, the AGM will now take place at a new venue ? The Royale Bintang Resort & Spa Seremban. For catering purpose please RSVP.

In addition there will be an Introductory Remark by En Abdul Halim Bin Abdul Haziz, Advisor to the Negeri Sembilan Area Committee cum Timbalan Pengarah Kesihatan Negeri (Farmasi), and a Meet the President session. Questions from members are welcome

The program shall be as follows:

9.00 am Registration
9.30 am Opening Remarks by Representative of the Negeri Sembilan Area Committee
9.40 am Introductory Remarks by En Abdul Halim Bin Abdul Haziz, Advisor to the Negeri Sembilan Area Committee cum Timbalan Pengarah Kesihatan Negeri (Farmasi)
10.00am Commencement of AGM (as per AGM Notice)
11.30am End of AGM
  Meet the MPS President, En Amrahi Bin Buang
12.00pm Q & A / End of Program

>>> AGM Notice & Registration Form

>>> AGM Programme

>>> CV of MPS Negeri Sembilan Area Committee Member Election Candidates


Dear Members,

MPS Perak Area Committee YPC (Young Pharmacist Chapter) will be conducting a FRIENDLY BOWLING COMPETITION for Perak Pharmacist.

Date : 18.02.17 (Saturday)
Venue : Ipoh Parade
Time : 3pm -5pm
Fee : RM 10/ person
CPD Points : 3
Category : 1. 35 and below : 1 team to have 5 members

The objectives of the event is simple:

  1. A platform for pharmacist in the state of Perak to mingle among each other
  2. Membership drive for MPS
  3. Closer the gap among government and private pharmacist

Lastly to just have a fun filled day and also at the same time releasing all our stress and worries

So let's support each other

*It's open to non MPS members who are working in Perak*

Those who are interested please contact by 10.02.17

Sanggari : 016-5409389
Suren : 010-5623007
Shereen : 010-3700484
Joanna : 018 954 5193

>>> Poster


Sabah Pharmaceutical Society would like to extend the invitation to MPS to join the upcoming Basic Contraceptive Course that will be held on 26.2.17 in Kota Kinabalu.

This event is accredited by the Obstetric & Gynecological Society of Malaysia (OGSM). Certificate will be issued by OGSM for all the participants. 6 CPD points is allocated for all pharmacists in attendance.

We hope that by increasing knowledge base of community pharmacists, they will be able to start prescribing OCP (Group C Poison) to new patients to reduce the incident of unintended pregnancies, illegal abortions and baby dumping. This is also a way for pharmacists to charge a consultation fee for the time spent to counsel new patients on OCP.

We hope that this initiative will move the pharmacy profession forward to be at the forefront of healthcare services and interventions.

FB Event Page for Basic Contraceptive Course: https://www.facebook.com/events/609347755939202/

Article written by the Course Coordination and Lead Contributor: Dr John Teo on the incidence of baby dumping in Malaysia:

For more details and registration, please contact :
Mdm Christine, SPS Administrator : 011 3920 0071 (whatsapp), sabahpharmsoc@gmail.com

>>> Registration Form & Programme


New information with speakers

Message from the Organiser:

Dear Healthcare Professionals: Greetings!

In 21st century, as modern healthcare hurtles towards cutting edges technologies, it is timely to revisit holistic medicine which addresses broader roots of illness in healthcare reform.

Our health is determined by complex interaction of genetic, environment, psychosocial and lifestyle. Each of these factors must be considered if holistic healthcare is to be achieved. In order to heal a person and his heart, healthcare with emphasis on humanistic value is of paramount importance. Providing care which respects and tailors to individual needs and preferences should pave the path of humanistic medicine. The paradigm is shifting from doctors doing medicine to the patients, to one where the doctors do medicine with the patients.

"Healthcare Beyond Medicine" aims to ignite the dialogues among our healthcare professionals on the humanistic and holistic approach in the healthcare industry both locally and internationally. It is with hope and firm resolution that this conference will instill and inspire healthcare providers across all cultures, religions and nationalities to embrace the art of humanistic care, to rebuild the trust between the healthcare providers and recipients, and to envision the healthcare profession - beyond medicine.

Schedule and Registration Information

Date: 17th March 2017 ~ 19th March 2017
Venue: Tzu Chi Foundation Jing Si Hall, 359 Jalan Kepong, 52000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Registration deadline: 15th February 2017
Disbursement for personal expenses: RM 50

CPD Points:
17 -19 March: A4:20 points
17 March: A4: 7 points
18 March: A4: 7 points
19 March: A4: 6 points

>>> Poster: New information with speakers


  • Pharmacist / Globe Pharmacy / Perak / Ms Sim at 012 5576812 or Mr Rajiv at 016 2603444 or email to mssim.gp@gmail.com
  • Retail Pharmacist / Axis Pharmacy Sdn Bhd /Penang/ Ms Joyce at 012 4716007 or email at axispharmacy@gmail.com
  • Pharmacist Assistant / OneMeds Pharmacy Sdn Bhd /Cheras/ Kuala Lumpur/ Mr Philip Siow at 017-338 8071 or 03-8958 7467 or Email at one_meds@yahoo.com
  • Pharmacist/ PMG Pharmacy /Kuching/ Bintulu/ Miri/ Mr Hwang at 017 7782766 or email at pmedicareg@gmail.com
  • Retail Pharmacist / SINMA Pharmacy Sdn Bhd / Puchong & Dengkil Branch / Ms Monica Low at 012 267 5227 or 03-87688829 or email at sinma.dengkil@yahoo.com

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