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Title: iBulletin 170112
Date: 12-Jan-2017
Category: iBulletin


Dear Members,

2017 is a landmark year for MPS. We have had such a rich past and we are moving towards such an exciting future. 50 years is a major milestone and we should all give ourselves a big pat on the back for making it this far through sheer determination and sacrifice.

The theme My Society, My Passion was only set forth this year, and yet, it is interesting to note that the message behind these powerful words has run in the vein of the society in the past 50 years. The founders of MPS had great vision and passion for the society and profession and their service stemmed from a genuine feeling of love.

50 years is a relatively short period for a profession to develop and grow, and credit must be given to the founder members and previous leaders who gave MPS such considerable achievements in this period of time.

But now that we have reached this juncture, how do we keep the momentum going for the next 50 years?

The success or failure of an organization depends on its leadership and the unity and support of its members.

In MPS, we are very fortunate that the leaders work out of pure love for the profession and society; some have stayed in service for years and some have moved on after a short stint. Despite this, MPS should be stable enough to face all the current and future challenges when leaders move on. To do so, the society must be organized in a professional way as is fitting for a professional society. Service to MPS and its members nationwide by the leaders elected should be done professionally.

Further, when we talk about leadership, we must also talk about training new leaders. The current leadership should be invested in developing new leaders by creating opportunities for growth in the younger generation of upcoming leaders. We must provide support and encouragement when the young ones step up to the plate.

Leadership though, is only one side of the coin, the other side is its members who are the heart of MPS. Our members are the key to ensuring the next 50 years are even more glorious and wonderful than the past 50 years.

Members of MPS are encouraged to understand the vision and mission of MPS so that the goals that are set from time to time can be achieved.

Further, MPS should be developed in such a way that it promotes synergy and unity among its members. Even though we have different ideas and approaches, there must be unity among the leaders and the members. Unity provides the strength to push the profession onward and upwards.

In line with the MPS motto, focusing and meeting the needs of the rakyat to achieve wellness and sustainable health is the greatest contribution of pharmacists to the country. Therefore it is very relevant and significant for MPS and pharmacists to be in the fore front of community and public health issues.

To do so, MPS has been and should continue to be the voice of the profession. Working hand in hand with various stakeholders will provide a strong platform for the betterment of the profession.

In conclusion, I take this opportunity, on behalf MPS to thank each and every member of MPS for their support and to congratulate all of you on being witness to this moment in history when our beloved society celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

My Society, My Passion

Amrahi Buang
Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society


As the healthcare field advances, pharmacist faces the challenge to be constantly updated with the latest knowledge. Therefore, board certification is one good way that allows pharmacist to be updated with the latest changes in practices.

Board certification is a well known internationally as post licensure certification agency. It is Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) that has been set since 1976 and administered by the American Pharmacist Association (APhA). The mission of BPS is to promote the recognition and value of specialized training, knowledge, and skills in pharmacy and speciality board certification of pharmacists.

There are specialities areas of Pharmacy for certification: Ambulatory Care Pharmacy, Critical Care Pharmacy, Nuclear Pharmacy, Nutrition Support Pharmacy, Oncology Pharmacy, Paediatric Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy and Psychiatric Pharmacy.

The exams are usually held twice a year (April/May or September/Oct). Materials are available to prepare for the exam, which can be purchased from the BPS website or American College of Pharmacy (ACCP) website.

Apart from knowledge, board certification also validate a pharmacist's level of expertise officially when one acquires the certification as it is a well-validated examination worldwide. In addition, the certification also serves as a proof of competency allowing the pharmacist to be more competitive in the job markets at countries such as Singapore. Over 24,000 pharmacists are already certified in worldwide. Currently, there are already over 50 pharmacists in Malaysia who are board certified.

In the effort to promote the further development and specialization in pharmacy, Academy of Pharmacy Malaysia has organized a series of therapeutic updates tutorials annually for the past 2 years. The tutorials are based on scope of board certification in Pharmacotherapy, which are delivered by the board certified pharmacists. Topics covered are extensive such as geriatrics to fluids and nutrition, gastrointestinal diseases to infectious disease.

As healthcare professionals, its our responsibility to be updated with knowledge to stay competent. Therefore, every pharmacist should consider board certification.


Members are invited to register for the conference which is RM 100

Date: 21 & 22 January 2017
Venue: Le Meridien, Kuala Lumpur


Welcome to WATTzupDoc Symposia Series on Primary Care Medicine 2017. The theme this year is, "Digitisation of Healthcare: The Future is Now".

Topics on recent developments in the field of Primary Care Medicine have been sourced for.

Our previous participants have expressed interest to know more about financial matters and we have a speaker to share knowledge with us on this.

Many in the health care industry are now facing increasing use of information technology in the management of their patients. We can say that this is the digital era of the health care industry. We may have been slow in keeping pace with health care digital development but I believe that we will be catching up very soon. Thus there will be a workshop on this topic of interest.

Dr. Koh Kar Chai
Honorary Chairman,
WATTzupDoc Symposia Series on Primay CareMedicine

>>> Click here for more information and registration form


Date: 26th February 2017
Time: 8 am - 6 pm
Venue: Auditorium, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kota Kinabalu
CPD: A3 : 6 Points

>>> Click here to download Flyer / Registration Form


Members are encouraged to renew their membership as soon as possible. As an appreciation of your prompt payment, a bottle of *Surbex Bio C Plus (60's) worth RM 88/- is waiting for you for each renewal or new membership (Ordinary / PRP / FRP / Associate included), which is contributed by Abbott Laboratories. Life and Fellows automatically qualify for it and the voucher will be sent out in first week February.

Current Life and Fellow members of the Society automatically qualify for this free gift.

Hurry! Complimentary gift offer is valid until 31st March 2017

>>> Membership Drive

>>> Membership Renewal Form


This year annual seminar will be with a difference as the Society celebrates its 50th Anniversary. The Scientific program will include international speakers that will be specially invited to discuss issues on community pharmacy practice as well as on professional medicine management. For this the Scientific Committee is working with FAPA to source for suitable speakers.

There will be a grand opening ceremony to highlight the 50th Anniversary and of course an Anniversary Dinner. Details are being worked out and would be a surprise for all attending.

Please keep these dates block for the event

Seminar Date: 12-14th May 2017
Anniversary Dinner: 13th May evening
MPS 50th AGM: 14th May afternoon
Venue: Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur


The latest edition of the Community Pharmacy Benchmarking Guidelines is available online. It can be downloaded from

>> Pharmaceutical Services Division

>> MPS website

The introduction states that the guideline serves as a set of standards that needs to be complied with for the purpose of community pharmacy set up, training activities (under-graduate / pre-registration), audits and complementing the licensing requirement. The purpose is to ensure the quality of community pharmacy practice for the benefit of the consumer / patients.

The Guideline recommends that the community pharmacist should have full management control of the pharmacy practice. Note that it does not call for ownership should be a pharmacist. It also does not allow a sharing of premise.

You are allowed to display the following services namely:

  • Blood Glucose Test
  • Urine Pregnancy Test
  • Electronic BP monitoring

Another important point to note is that the Notice of the Pharmacist on duty to be display and to include the name, time, date / duty and photo

The community pharmacy logo is encouraged to be use.

In Appendix VI of the guideline there are 3 checklists to assist the Community Pharmacist

  1. Compulsory requirement
  2. Optional requirement
  3. Compulsory requirement for those specific services / products that available in the premise

Please do read the guidelines to familiarize with the requirements


  • Pharmacist/ PMG Pharmacy /Kuching/ Bintulu/ Miri/ Mr Hwang at 017 7782766 or email at pmedicareg@gmail.com
  • Pharmacist Assistant / OneMeds Pharmacy Sdn Bhd /Cheras/ Kuala Lumpur/ Mr Philip Siow at 017-338 8071 or 03-8958 7467 or Email at one_meds@yahoo.com
  • Retail Pharmacist / SINMA Pharmacy Sdn Bhd / Puchong & Dengkil Branch / Ms Monica Low at 012 267 5227 or 03-87688829 or email at sinma.dengkil@yahoo.com
  • Pharmacist / Jom Pharmacy (Kuching)/ Email to jompharmacyhq@gmail.com

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