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Title: OPEN INVITATION Official Launch of myPharmAssist (NEW: PROGRAM)
Date: 28-Oct-2016
Category: Community Pharmacy




Aiming at empowering pharmacists and rakyat to build a community of Smart Healthcare, Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare are jointly launching the first myPharmAssist™ programme in Malaysia, a global best-in-class educational platform built on a foundation of science and expertise to support pharmacy team members in the current environment of increasing demand for healthcare and wellness. MPS will be the first to deploy the myPharmAssist™ platform globally and the first phase of the three-year partnership will be activated in December 2016 with live meetings to train more than 1000 pharmacists nationwide.


You are invited to witness the launch and to get to know more about this program


Venue : Ballroom A, Level 6, Hilton Hotel, KL Sentral

Date    : 28 October 2016

Time    : 10.00am - 1.00pm

RSVP : (revised) By 4pm 27.10.16 to 011-15202748 with:-  mypharmassist, <your name>, <place of work>.



Launch Event Programme

The launch of GSK’s  myPharmAssist™ Programme and
MoU with Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society

Date: 28th October 2016
Time: 10.15am - 12.00pm
Venue: Hilton KL, Ballroom A, Level 6


10.15am - 10.25am Arrival of media
10.30am - 10.45am Welcome remark by GSK (supported by a video presentation on the future of pharmacists)
10.45am - 10.50am Speech by Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS)
10.50am - 11.00am Launch of the myPharmAssist™ Programme (photo opportunity)
11.00am - 11.10am MoU signing ceremony (photo opportunity)
11.10am - 11.20am Media Q&A
11.30am - 12.00am Ends



Speech by Amrahi bin Buang, President of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS)
at myPharmAssist™ Launch on 28 October 2016 at Hilton Kuala Lumpur

A very good morning to:

Pn Fuziah Abdul Rashid, Penolong Pendafter, Lembaga Farmasi Malaysia,  representing Dr Salmah Binti Bahri, Senior Director, National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency, Ministry of Health

Stacy Wallace, General Manager of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Malaysia;

Fellow members of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society;

Esteemed members of the media;

Ladies and gentlemen

1. In today’s society, the role of pharmacy practitioners in the community has expanded beyond the traditional product-oriented functions of screening prescriptions and dispensing medical supplies; to be more involved in becoming providers of care.

2. MPS has always maintained that the pharmacy practitioner in the community is the face of the profession because they are the most accessible health care professional for the rakyat. In an effort to ensure appropriate prescriptions are supplied accurately to patients, pharmacists will also cover professional counselling of patients at the time of dispensing medications, providing product information, as well as advising health-promotion programmes and supplementation requirements. These group of practitioners are also able to recognise signs and symptoms of minor ailments and prescribe appropriate group C and OTC products. Further more, they are able to channel the patients to the correct medical practitioner via a referral for those who require such intervention. This affirms the fact that pharmacy practitioners in the community are synergistic and relevant team members in the healthcare team and excellent health care partners to the rakyat.

Ladies and gentlemen,

3. We see consumer behaviours changing rapidly on a daily basis. Though there are many variables that led to these changes such as urbanisation, westernised lifestyle and eating habits; no doubt that today’s technology has shaped and influenced consumer’s behaviour in the way they seek and share information on health and wellness.

4. With the increasing wide range of new and analogous products used in medicines, some of which demands special knowledge with regards to their uses and risks; it is essential for us, as pharmacists, to progressively continue our professional development to maintain and enhance the standard of practice as well as the quality of healthcare system.

5. In view of that, ladies and gentlemen, the launch of the myPharmAssist™ platform today is very timely and useful in further enhancing the competency of the pharmacy practitioner in the community, continuously advancing and updating our skills and knowledge for the benefit  of the rakyat. We aim to have at least 1000 pharmacy practitioners in the community trained by 2017. As new modules are added into the program, and as the modules that are being developed for online study are added in, the numbers of pharmacists engaging in this programme will continue to grow to achieve our target of at least 80% of the pharmacy practitioners in the community by 2019.

6. The elements in myPharmAssist™ programme remain relevant to pharmacy practitioners in the community. With this programme, pharmacy practitioners in the community will be equipped with sufficient scientifically proven health-related knowledge to empower people to take care of their own health and advising patients to make informed decisions that can improve their health outcomes; which has always been in line with MPS’ aim to assist in improving the health services in the country. Further, proper counselling and management of medication effects increases compliance in the patient thus ensuring the medication or treatment is completed in the correct manner.

7. MPS has collaborated on many efforts that benefit both the profession and the rakyat. We encourage pharmacy practitioners in the community to educate their patients and consumers on the importance of requesting for a prescription especially when antibiotics are indicated. Prescriptions from the medical practitioner to the pharmacy practitioner will go a long way in ensuring safe delivery of medication to the end user as well as reducing antimicrobial resistance in the community. The myPharmAssist™ programme is a tool that will help with this education as some of the modules on minor ailments such as the flu will provide the education required to show that antibiotics are not indicated. This education initiative will go a long way in providing the rakyat with the correct information on using antibiotics responsibly.

8. To conclude, let us welcome GSK Consumer Healthcare’s effort in building a healthy community hand in hand with the local pharmacy practitioners in the community here in Malaysia. We will work together to continuously advance our skills, update our knowledge, strive towards gold standards of service, and enhance the quality of life amongst the rakyat of Malaysia.

Thank you.




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