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Title: The Journey and Beyond - Community Pharmacy in Malaysia (Book)
Date: 27-Jan-2016
Category: Publications


This book documented the development of community pharmacy in this country.  It took almost a year for the research to be carried out to publish this book.  The researchers have to travel to various parts of the country to conduct interviews and to obtain the materials. The book is published by Caring Pharmacy Retail Management Sdn Bhd and is available at MPS at RM 49.00 a book. All proceeds will go to the MPS.

From the “PREFACE” of the book:-

In a modern world, Malaysia continues to need well trained, professional community pharmacists. From British colonial times until the present day, there have never been enough responsible, educated men and women who were able to take on the varied roles that come with being a trained, practicing community pharmacist. Many of the esteemed founders of pharmacy practice, in Malaysia and Singapore, had ‘fallen’ into pharmacy, rather than seeking it out as a possible career choice. Little knowledge was spread regarding this vital profession, to the detriment of the profession and to society itself.

As dispensaries gained independence from hospitals, and from medical clinics/ practitioners, fresh legislation and greater understanding regarding the counseling roles and duty of care inherent in the practice of the community pharmacists, have brought a trickle of valued Malaysian practitioners into the profession. It is hoped that through fresh insights into the profession of community pharmacy, this book might kindle sparks in the minds of potential pharmacists, or rekindle flames in the hearts of those already cherished within the profession.

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