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Date: 16-Feb-2015
Category: Professional Practice


Contributions received to date for the MPS Disaster Relief Fund is as follows:

January 2015
1. Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society  RM 30,000.00
2. MPS-Melaka Area Committee RM 5,000.00
3. MPS-Perak Area Committee RM 2,000.00
4. MPS-Johor Area Committee RM 2,000.00
5. Simon Piong RM 2,000.00
6. Chow Ching Yei RM 100.00
7. Tan Kar Yan RM 100.00
8. Wong Hoy Yuen RM 50.00
9. Phang Jia Yi RM 50.00
10. Lai Lim Swee RM 50.00
11.  Mimi, Wong Siew Chern                    RM 500.00
12. Chong Choon Ngor  RM 200.00 
  Total (Jan 2015)     
RM 42,050.00
February 2015  
1.   Latifah bt Othman    RM 100.00
2. Abdul Mohsin bin Mohamed                RM 100.00      
3. Cheah Chor Eng RM 350.00
4. Tan Kok Chye RM 100.00
5. Liew Fui Ken, Susan RM 100.00
6. Umi Hani binti Mohd Asmawi RM 100.00
7. Hana Rozita Hussein RM 150.00
  Total (Feb 2015) RM 1000.00



We have read in the paper about the flood situation this year which seems to be one of the worst so far.  More than 100,000 had been displaced in various states as in Perak, Johore, Perlis, Kedah but the worst affected are Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang.  Various agencies have come in to assist the public.

Feedback from the Area Committees also shows the seriousness of the areas and the committee members themselves in the East Coast are on the ground to provide assistance, despite their own business and household being also affected.

While we have our professional objectives as a Society, there is also a need to foster fraternity relationship among fellow pharmacists and to assist them in times of need. In such situations, there is damage to assets, valuable documents, household items and those affected seem to have to start all over again.  

In the light of such disasters, the MPS feels it is timely to start a Disaster Relief Fund to assist the affected members. A special committee will be set up to manage this fund.  A little help from the MPS would certainly help to lighten the burden of those affected.

Contributions towards this fund from members, companies and other well-wishers are very much welcome.  

Please make your contributions by returning the attached form as soon as you can.  We shall acknowledge your kind contributions in the media.

Thank you for showing that you care and wish you a healthy and wealthy New Year


Yours sincerely

Datuk Nancy Ho



Disaster Relief Fund response form




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