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Title: Pharmacoeconomics Guidelines for Malaysia March 2012
Date: 19-Apr-2012
Category: Issues and Guidance

The Pharmacoeconomic Guideline for Malaysia was launched at the 1st Pharmacoeconomic and Outcomes Research Conference 2012 held end of March in Hotel Istana.

Pharmacoeconomic analysis concerns not only the efficacy and effectiveness of new health technologies but with the costs of these technologies weighed against their benefits. Pharmacoeconomic analysis helps the decision makers of healthcare institution to optimise the limited resources in health.

The guideline shall serve as a standard to conduct pharmacoeconomic studies in Malaysia for the purpose of preparing economic supporting documents. This guideline will ensure the quality and standardisation of pharmacoeconomic analyses to enable more meaningful comparisons between similar health interventions. It will also encourage the generation of primary local data

The guideline will also allow users of the pharmacoeconomic evaluation reports to assess the methodology of analyses and the report findings thus providing greater transparency and validity of analysis conducted, allowing replication of analysis if necessary. The pharmacoeconomic reports shall be used as scientific tools to help decision makers in making informed and rational choices in striving to maximise total health benefits within the budget limitations.

(extracted from the Background and Purpose of the Guideline)

Full Guidelines >>  view_file.cfm?fileid=1092

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