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Title: Consolidated Format for Prescription Book and Type A Licence Requirements
Date: 12-Feb-2011
Category: Pharmacy Legislations and Issues

Consolidated Format for Prescription Book and Type A Licence Requirements for Retail Pharmacy

At the recent dialogue between the MPS and the Pharmaceutical Services Division held on 11th Jan 2011, one of the issues discussed was the increasing number of recordings require to be kept for dispensing of certain substances that are prone to abuse.

The PSD had promised to look into this and had come up with a consoliated format. This format fulfill the requirement of the recording requirement for Type A Licence Holder that was to take effect from 1st Jan 2011, and at the same time fulfill all the requirments in the Poisons Act 1952.  This form apply to products containing the substances Codeine, Pholcodeine, Dextromethorphan, Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine.

The additional requirement that was to be enforced 1st Jan 2011 is that for each product containing Codeine, Pholcodeine, Dextromethorphan, Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine,  a separate record has to be kept for each transaction (receiving stocks from supplier, dispensing to patients with recording of i.c and quantity), ie it is require to keep a running balance stock quantity of each product. This is in addition to the Poisons Act recording requirement. 

At the dialogue the views obtained from feedback from various part of the country on this extra recording is that generally

1. The additional recording requirement is unproductive and takes away the pharmacist time to provide proper pharmaceutical care to the patient

2. More recording will not help curb the problem. Those really involve will not go through the retail chain or wholesaler or manufacturer as they know that recordings are being kept. 

3. With more recording it will be seen that something is being done but in actual fact, the retail pharmacy at the receing end will be the one to be inconvenient.

However it must be acknowledge that abuse do occur for these substances.  At the dialogue the PSD show the court cases of these abuses. It is not about one or two bottles, but rather in terms of hundreds of bottles.

Though there is certainly an inconvenience, it is felt that as a profession, there is a need to come up with a solution to curb the illegal activities, and not just leave it to the regulators stretfching their wits to plug the loopholes.   There should be institutioanl collaboration between the regulators and the professionals to pin down the black sheep.

>> Notice of New Recording Format from Pharmaceutical Services Division

>>Consolidated Format form

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