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Title: FAPA ISHIDATE AWARD - Call for nominations
Date: 22-Apr-2010
Category: FAPA

FAPA is now calling for nominations for their ISHIDATE AWARD. Dateline is 30th April 2010.

The  Awards are given to distinguished pharmacists in recognition of excellent contributions made by Asian Pharmacists distinguished in the fields of Education, Research, Hospital pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy and Community Pharmacy.  The presentation ceremony shall be at the forthcoming FAPA Congress in November and is also meant to instill commitment and pride for the pharmacy profession in Asia.


The Criteria for selection includes Academic background, Work Experience, Membership to Professional Organizations or Pharmaceutical or Health Related Organisations, Publications in Professional Journals, Lectures presented in Pharmacy Meetings, Attendance in Seminars, Congresses and Annual meetings, and Attendance in FAPA Congress.


The candidate nominated must be an active practitioner for that category and the nomination must be submitted through the respective member organization which is responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted by for the nominee, including endorsing supporting documents.

The nomination must fill in the prescribed forms, and the supporting documents, from the member organization or from the FAPA website or its Secretariat, and submit to the FAPA Secretariat before the closing date.
They are to be submitted electronicaly to fapaasia@yahoo.com  

The awardees are also required to present a paper in related section.

Free registration will be given to the awardees..
>> Nomination Form
>> Regulations

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