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Title: CPA-MPS Conf: Call for Abstacts
Date: 23-Nov-2006
Category: CPA


Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts
All abstracts must be submited online.  Abstracts submitted through any other means will not be considered.

>> Click here for online Abstract submission

Please DO NOT copy and paste directly from MS Word into the online abstract box. That will result in a mis-formatted presentation.  You should transfer the content from MS Word to WordPad and then copy from WordPad into the Abstract box.

Superscript, subscript, Greek alphabets, Special characters as well as simple Bold, Underlined, and Italics are supported by the online Abstract submission box.  However this must be formated directly online.

Submission implies that the work has not been published before and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere except as part of a thesis, report or lecture note.

The abstract should be in English and will be published in Conference Abstract Book as well as the Malaysian Journal of Pharmacy. The body of the abstact should not exceed 250 words

Particulars of the submission include:
1. Title (in title case), Author/s and Institution/s
2. Introduction, Objectives, Method, Results, Discussion and Conclusion (in a single paragraph without the headings)
3. The authors? name/s and affiliated institution/s in their respective order
4. The name of the presenting author should be entered in the appropriate section
5. Indicate the appropriate section for the submission (one only): (1) Basis of Therapeutics / Pharmacology, (2) Pharmaceutical Chemistry, (3) Pharmaceutical Technology, (4) Pharmacy Practice, (5) Clinical Pharmacy, (6) Pharmacy Education, (7) Traditional & Complementary Medicine, or (8) Others.
6. Indicate your preference for either poster or oral presentation.
7. Closing date for the submission of abstracts is 30th April 2007

Full registration fee should be paid before the abstracts can be considered for inclusion in the Abstract Book.

The reply from the Scientific Committee will be sent within 1 month of submission of abstracts.

Click here for Online Abstract Submission

Best Poster Award
For poster presentation only, there will be a best poster award for each category. The posters will be judged at the conference site

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