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Title: The Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association
Date: 28-Oct-2004
Category: CPA

The Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association is involve in a number of world wide
health strategic projects for example ?Roll Back Malaria?,  ?Stop TB?, 
and ?AMDS? (Aids Medicines & Diagnostic Services)
Another important one is based on the CPA's "Ocho Rios Statement on the
Role of the Pharmacist in the Prevention & Management of HIV/AIDS" which
provides a mix of strategies, developed by pharmacists for pharmacists,
which pharmacy associations and individual pharmacists can implement
to make their own contribution to achieving
On World AIDS Day 1st December, CPA hopes you and/or your Society will
participate in their  project. Whatever you or your association can do will help someone,
somewhere.  In addition, you will be:
   a.. increasing pharmacy awareness
   b.. enhancing the role of the pharmacist
   c.. profiling the role of your professional association
On World Aids Day 2004, the CPA invite you to participate in their e
lectronic project ?Pharmacists Listen?.  You can register for project bulletins
with event suggestions, ideas, media releases, fact sheets, posters, badges,
information, helplines, hotlines and more
Winner to receive a BNF48!                     
Winner's Association to receive a Martindale 34!
The winner is the one with a photo that best illustrates the slogan: "Pharmacists
A selection of competition entries will be posted on the CPA website, with
the winning entry also featuring on CPA promotional material and CPA
Details of registration will be available soon.
Read the "Ocho Rios Statement"  http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org )
From: Carolyn Bell,  CPA Projects Officer: john.bell@hcn.net.au

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