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Title: Letter to YB Minister of Health on TAK NAK
Date: 11-Feb-2004
Category: Issues and Guidance

(Letter to Yang Berhormat Dato' Chua Jui Meng congratulating the Ministry of Health on the launch of TAK NAK campaign and informing of the efforts of the pharmacists in non-smoking program)



11th Feb 2004


Yang Berhormat Dato' Chua Jui Meng
Menteri Kesihatan Malaysia
Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia
Jalan Cenderasari
50590 Kuala Lumpur




Yang Berhormat Dato? Chua




May we take this opportunity to congratulate your Ministry on the nationwide anti-smoking campaign under the theme ?Tak nak? which was launched by our Prime Minister Y.A.B. Dato? Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi.

The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society would also like to bring to Y.B. Dato? attention that pharmacists in the community service could be one of the possible venues where  health issues like the ?Tak Nak? campaign could be disseminated.  By nature of their profession the pharmacist can be on hand to provide further counseling.


Recently the MPS, in collaboration with the Academy of Pharmacy, C-TOP and your Ministry launched a CSCSP program (Certified Smoking Cessation Service Provider) for pharmacists. The Program is to train the pharmacists on providing smoking cessation service to the public.  The pharmacists participating in this program are going for attachment with the Quit Smoking Clinic (QSC) of your Ministry shortly.


A  copy of the training brochure is enclosed for Y.B.


Our proposal to YB is that your Ministry can provide us with suitable number of posters of the ?Tak Nak? program for display at the pharmacy.  For a start we can make use of 500 pieces.


In the future we hope that you can include us in any of your Ministry?s Stop Smoking Program.


Yours sincerely,


John C P Chang
Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society


s.k. Dato? Che Mohd Zin Bin Che Awang, Pengarah Perkhidmatan Farmasi




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