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Title: Ph.D in Clinical Pharmacy by USM
Date: 25-Jan-2004
Category: Universities


The Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Pharmacy Programme is the highest academic degree programme in the field of clinical pharmacy offered in Malaysia. The programme is offered to produce:

  • specialists in clinical pharmacy to lead pharmaceutical care activities.
  • clinical pharmacy specialists in various field of pharmaceutical care.
  • manpower with high research skill in clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care.
  • The graduates will serve as specialist in clinical pharmacy to further strengthen current clinical pharmacy services.


The Ph. D in Clinical Pharmacy is offered as a three (3) year full-time programme. The maximum duration of candidature is 5 years. The programme is offered as a mixed-mode programme and consist of coursework and research. Students have to register and pass 38 units of coursework (theory and clerkships) in the first year of the programme. Students have to choose one clerkship based on his/her field of interest. During the 6 months of clerkship, students develop skill in handling pharmaceutical care before embarking into research.

In the second and third year, students have to complete research project in his/her field of speciality under the supervision of lecturers. The research contributes to 48 units of the total units.

Theory courses

  • FCA 651/3 Advanced Clinical Pharmacy Practice
  • FCA 652/3 Advanced Clinical Pharmaco-kinetics
  • FCA 653/3 Advanced Pharmacoinformatics
  • FCA 654/3 Primary Care Pharmacy
  • FCA 655/3 Advanced Public Health Pharmacy
  • FCA 656/3 Clinical Nutrition
  • FCA 657/3 Clinical Toxicology
  • FCA 658/3 Advanced Pharmacoeconomics
  • FCA 659/3 Good Clinical Practice
  • FCA 610/3 Advanced Study Design and Biostatistics

Clerkship courses *

  • FEL 601/8 Advanced Pharmacoinformatics
  • FEL 602/8 Toxicology Pharmacy
  • FEL 603/8 Geriatric Pharmacy
  • FEL 604/8 Community Pharmacy
  • FEL 605/8 Hospital Pharmacy
  • FEL 606/8 Oncology Pharmacy
  • FEL 607/8 Cardiology Pharmacy
  • FEL 608/9 Public Health Pharmacy
  • FEL 609/8 Good Clinical Practice
  • FEL 610/8 Psychiatry Pharmacy
  • FEL 611/8 Pediatric Pharmacy
  • FEL 612/8 Nephrology Pharmacy
  • FEL 613/8 Infectious Diseases Pharmacy
  • FEL 614/8 Intensive Care Pharmacy

* each student is required to register and pass one clerkship.

Research area in Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy (FCA 701/ 48) * include:

  • Clinical Pharmacokinetics
  • Clinical Toxicology
  • Compliance and Counseling
  • Clinical Trials
  • Pharmacy Education
  • Community Pharmacy
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • General Pharmaceutical Care
  • Oncology Pharmacy
  • Cardiovascular Pharmacy
  • Pediatric Pharmacy
  • Geriatric Pharmacy
  • Pulmonary Pharmacy
  • Infectious Diseases Pharmacy
  • Intensive Care Pharmacy
  • Nephrology Pharmacy
  • Psychiatric Pharmacy
  • Public Health Pharmacy
  • Experimental Pharmacotherapy
  • Therapeutic Outcome Monitoring
  • Evidence Based Pharmacy
  • Traditional and Complimentary Medicine
  • Rehabilitation Pharmacy
  • Pharmacogenomic

Each student is required to complete his/her research in his/her speciality, present 3 seminars, complete a thesis and pass a viva voce.

Internationational students have to complete internship and externship before taking the clerkship.

FCA 571/4 Hospital Pharmacy Internship - a structured hospital pharmacy attachment.
FCA 572/4 Community Pharmacy Externship - a structured community pharmacy attachment.


Each student is required to accumulate 86 credit units and maintain a CGPA of 3 and above. Students should obtain grade C+ or better in all coursework and pass the research component to graduate.


  • M. Pharm graduate with CGPA of 3.00 or better from Universiti Sains Malaysia or equivalent.
  • Obtain TOEFL score of 550 and above or band 5 of MUET


Student intake for "Mixed Mode" programme is done at the beginning of the first semester. The dateline for submission of Application Form will be stated in the newspaper sometime in October/November each year. The Application Form can be obtained from the IPS website http://www.ips.usm.my or from the office of Postgraduate Studies.


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