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Title: CPA Media Release 2 on World Aids Day on Role of Pharmacists in HIV/AIDS
Date: 03-Dec-2003
Category: CPA

CPA  MEDIA  RELEASE 2 on World Aids Day 1st December 2003

Commonwealth Leader?s Praise for Pharmacists? Focus on AIDS

?Pharmacists are well placed to influence health outcomes through advice and counselling on adherence to therapy,? said Commonwealth Deputy Secretary-General Mr Winston Cox.

Mr Cox was speaking at the eighth Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association (CPA) Conference in August this year.

Over 400 pharmacists from more than 40 Commonwealth countries attended the Conference in Ocho Rios, hosted by the Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica.

Turning to HIV/AIDS, the subject of a special symposium and series of workshops at the Conference, Mr Cox said that every country has to take specific account of the impact of the disease on its current activities and its plans for the future.  As health care professionals working at the front line, pharmacists see the ramifications of HIV/AIDS as it affects the lives of HIV positive individuals and their families.

Of special value is pharmacists? ability to translate the elements of national policies and guidelines into deliverables for their clients, said Mr Cox.

?We all know that throughout the world, pharmacists are amongst the most highly respected and trusted of all professions and, in many cases, may be the first and perhaps the only source of health care to communities?.

He said that pharmacists? ability to influence the attitudes and behaviours of patients is being more and more acknowledged.  The pharmaceutical care role takes cognisance of pharmacists? special knowledge and ascribes to the pharmacist an important place in therapeutics where not only the pathological condition is considered but also other factors that are critical to securing the best outcome, said Mr Cox.

The pharmacist?s role in the prevention and management of HIV/AIDS has been described in ?The Ocho Rios Statement?, one of the outcomes of the Workshops at the CPA Conference.

The Statement was officially launched by Mr Cox, CPA President Mrs Grace Allen Young and Mr Bob Uwaga President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, on 2 December at the People?s Forum during the lead up to CHOGM 2003, in Abuja, Nigeria.

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