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Title: Joint Declaration between FIP and WHO (1007) on Role of Pharmacists in Fight against HIV-AIDS Pandemic -
Date: 12-Nov-2003
Category: Issues and Guidance


FIP's Role in Raising Awareness and Providing Support
In 1997 the role of pharmacists in the combat against HIV/AIDS was acknowledged in a joint declaration between FIP and WHO.

Pharmacists all over the world are the most numerous and easily accessible
?health outlets? for the general public;
Trained in public health questions, with long experience of entering into dia-logue
with, and providing education of and information to the general public,
pharmacists are well-placed to participate in health education and prevention
As health professionals, they are in permanent contact with decision-makers in
the epidemiological, diagnostic and therapeutic fields; they participate in the
actual treatment and follow-up of patients, and they make a major contribution
to the collection, analysis and communication of health data.

In co-operation with WHO, FIP has drawn up a set of guiding principles for
pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists on the approaches they can take in the
fight against the spread of HIV-AIDS.
In this way, WHO and FIP believe that pharmacists and pharmaceutical scien-tists,
working with all interested parties, can help in the fight against the
HIV-AIDS pandemic and against any other factor which contributes to its spread
- in particular injectable drug abuse.

Guiding principles:
WHO and FIP urge pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, together with their
national and international associations or federations, to draw up individual
plans, within an overall national strategy wherever possible committing them to
the following guiding principles:
Encourage and promote better support networks for people with HIV-AIDS,
and even more determined action against discrimination;
Participate in the global struggle against the HIV-AIDS pandemic, on the basis
of the commitments made by heads of state and governments at the summits in
London, 1992, and Paris, 1994;
Fight to ensure that all proven treatments be made accessible in all countries to
all who could benefit from them without discrimination;
Co-ordinate with all those working in public health education, and seek closer
ties with other individuals and community groups who could be usefully
involved in the effort to combat the disease, in terms of prevention, treatment
and patient-care and support - teachers, family associations, politicians, etc.,
and through community involvement of pharmacists;
Provide information on Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) prevention and
treatment in order to promote ?health awareness behaviour? with regard to
Develop specific training programmes for professionals, whether initial train-ing
or continuing education;
Motivate pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists to get involved at national
level in the making of public policies related to HIV-control;
Initiate a dialogue between health professionals, financing bodies and patient
associations: such a pooling of talents will ensure the comprehensive care of
the greatest number of patients, fully respecting both ethical and cost-effectiveness
Participate, together with the relevant health professionals - doctors, nurses,
social workers, etc. - in the evaluation of clinical treatment and in the provision
and follow-up of treatment;

Encourage national and international pharmaceutical associations or federa-tions
to enter into dialogue with international organizations representing the
pharmaceutical industry, in order to identify all possible means permitting an
improvement in access to treatment programmes;
Develop, implement and evaluate activities within national field programmes:
e.g. drug substitution programmes, needle and syringe exchange programmes
and condom availability;
Promote and set up interprofessional networks to collect, analyse and dissemi-nate
data at both national and international levels;
Participate in scientific research involving drug trials with a view to ensuring
that internationally agreed ethical principles are respected.

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