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Title: Pharmacy Students and the Community - Merbok, Kedah 27th March - 2nd April 2003
Date: 26-Mar-2003
Category: Universities

Baktisiswa Project - Pharmacy Students and the Community at the Kampung Bujang and Kampung Pengkalan Bujang, Merbok, Kedah, 27th March ? 2nd April 2003.

The Pharmaceutical Science Society of the University Science of Malaysia in collaboration with Sekolah Kebangsaan Hj Omar Tahir and Sekolah Kebangsaan Sultan Mudzaffar Shah, Merbok will organise a Baktisiswa Project entitled ?Pharmacy Students and the Community? at Kampung Bujang and Kampung Pengkalan Bujang, Merbok, Kedah. This project will be held on the 27th March until 2nd April 2003. The project will be officiated by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students Affairs and Development), Dato? Associate Professor Jamaludin Mohaiadin.

> to uphold the culture of knowledge seeking and sharing
> to create interactions between the pharmacy students of USM and the local community
> to open up a new dimension in the minds of the pharmacy students towards health-related problems in the rural community
> to provide the society with knowledge on healthcare and proper medication usage and also to promote the society?s awareness of the importance of health care
> to increase the students? knowledge on herbal medicine and to discover the differences between modern and traditional medicines
> To expose the rural community about the roles, function and responsibilities of pharmacist as one of the health professionals in the health industry.

> Mini Expo on health and medications
> Motivational program.
> Herbal plants exploration at Gunung Jerai
> Talks on healthcare and parental skills

Throughout the project,  a total of 78 pharmacy students will be staying with the foster families.



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