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Title: Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress 2004
Date: 08-Nov-2002
Category: Academy of Sciences


 click here to download the Brochure (Powerpoint 790K)


Organizing Committee

Program Co-Chairs: Vincent H.L. Lee
Hans E. Junginger
Fund-raising Co-Chairs: Gordon L. Amidon
Malcolm Rowland
Publicity Co-Chairs: Kamal K. Midha 
Claus-Michael Lehr

Scientific Advisory Committee

Co-Chairs: Leslie Z. Benet

FIP Head Office

General Secretary: Ton Hoek
Congress Manager FIP: Gretie R.v.d. Baumen


American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)
Association de Pharmacie Galenique Industrielle (APGI)
Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Great Britain (APSGB)
Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan (APSTJ)
Controlled Release Society (CRS)
European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS)
Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (PSJ)


E-mail: pswc2004@bcasj.or.jp
Website: http://edpex104.bcasj.or.jp/pswc2004/

TEL: 03-3815-1681  FAX: 03-3815-1691

Provisional Symposia Titles (35)

1. Proteomics in Drug Discovery and Design: Analytical Aspects
New Mass Spectrometric Methodologies in Drug Development
3. Microchip-based Analytical Systems
4. Drug Metabolism and Transport Studies in the Drug Discovery and Development
5. Drug Interactions on Drug Metabolism and Drug Transport
6. Interplay Between Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Transporters
Regulation of Gene Expression of Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Transporters
Receptors and Ion Channels as Targets for Drug Development
Signal Transduction: New Concepts and Trends
10. Growth Factors: Receptors and Beyond
11. New Strategies for Mucosal Drug Delivery: Bioadhesion, Particulate Carriers, etc.
Intelligent Biomaterials and Microprocessor Control in Drug Delivery
13. Nanotechnologies in Gene and Vaccine Delivery
14. From Hit-to-Candidate: Optimizing Lead Development and Timelines in Medicinal Chemistry
Synthesis and Chemical Modification of Drugs and Bioactive Natural Products: New Methodologies
16. Natural Products and Traditional Medicines: Isolation, Structure Determination, Biosynthesis, Engineered Biosynthesis, and Clinical Exploitation
17. Technical and Regulatory Challenges of Using Transgenic Plants and Animals to Produce Protein Therapeutics
DNA as a Drug: Recent Advances in Gene Therapy
19. Recent Advances in Stem Cell Therapy for Human Disease
20. Challenges in Oral Delivery of Drugs with Inherent Difficulties for Absorption
21. New Technologies for Protein Delivery Systems
Computer-aided Formulation Design and Optimization
23. Drug Target Validation: A Key Step in Drug Discovery
24. Bioinformatics in Drug Discovery
25. Structural Genomics; The Next Step
Prion Diseases in Animals and Human
Genetic Issues on BA/BE Studies for Oral Drug Products
28. Evaluation and Prediction of BA/BE for Oral Drug Products: Design and Criteria
PK/PD Modeling in Drug Therapies: Conventional and Population PK/PD Modeling
30. Tailor-made Drug Therapy: Genotyping and Phenotyping
Translational Research for Incurable Diseases
32. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: Variability in Drug Response
33. Prospective and Retrospective Strategies for Bridging Studies
Current and Future Uses of Toxicogenomics: Regulatory Aspects
Exposure-response Relationship: Mechanism-based PK-PD and the Associated Models and Simulation


click here to download the Brochure (Powerpoint 790K)

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