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  Introduction to the MPS

The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (Persatuan Farmasi Malaysia) is the national association for pharmacists in Malaysia. Its motto is "Berkhidmat untuk kesihatan rakyat" or translated as  "SERVICE TOWARDS A HEALTHY SOCIETY".

Among the aims of the Society are:

  1. To promote and maintain the honor and interest of the profession of pharmacy
  2. To encourage and further the development of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Education and to foster intra-professional relationship among members.
  3. To improve the Science of Pharmacy for the general welfare of the public by fostering the publication of scientific and professional information relating to the practice of pharmacy and aid in the development and stimulation of discovery, invention and research.
  4. To uphold and enhance the standard and ethics of the profession.
  5. To affiliate an co-operate with any organization as may be deemed desirable in furthering the aims of the Society.
  6. To represent the views of the members in matters affecting the common interest of the profession.
  7. To assist in improving the health services in the country.
  8. To enhance the professionalism of pharmacists, the Society endorsed the Code of Conduct For Pharmacists And Bodies Corporate as established by the Pharmacy Board.

In addition it is a signatory to the Patient's Charter. The other signatories are the Malaysian Medical Association, Malaysian Dental Association and Fomca. This Charter was signed on 21st August 1995.

The Society also represent the interests of its members and also the general public by having representatives at the Pharmacy Board and the Poisons Board of the Ministry of Health, as well as having interest in the consumers affairs of the Ministry of Trade and Domestic Affairs, and including other Non-Governmental Organizations.

Types of Membership

The Society offers various types of membership:

  1. Ordinary Membership to the Society is open to every pharmacist who on the date of application, is registerable without any restriction under the Pharmacists Act 1952 of Malaysia.
  2. Other types of membership include:
  3. Post-graduate Student Membership
  4. Under-graduate student membership
  5. Associate membership
  6. Association membership

The Society also confers Honorary membership, Fellowship, and Pharmacist of the Year Award to deserving individuals. Annually the students are also recognized of their achievement at their respective Universities with the MPS Gold Medallist Award.

International Afflications

The Society's international affiliation includes:

  1. Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association
  2. Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Association

Locally,  the Society is a member of the Malaysian Professional Centre, or Balai Ikhtiasis Malaysia whose patron is the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Management & Organisation of the Society

The Society is managed by a team of 15 Ordinray members who are elected at theAnnual General Meetings and hold office for 2 years. 

Area committees have also been set up in most states of the country.

Realising the importance of continuing education for its members, the MPS has set up a Malaysian Continuing Pharmacy Education chapter. This Chapter facilitates the running of continuing education for the members and conduct courses throughout the year through correspondence as well as through meetings held throughout the country. Such continuing education is also being pursued and supplemented by the local area committees activities.

Various other chapters and committees have been set up for specific purpose and include:

  • Building Committee
  • Clinical Trial Chapter
  • Community Pharmacy Chapter
  • Grants and Awards Committee
  • Hospital/Clinical Pharmacy Chapter
  • Industrial Pharmacy Chapter
  • IT Chapter
  • Jurisprudence Committee
  • Managed Care Chapter
  • Newsletter Committee
  • Pharmacoeconomics Chapter
  • Regulatory Pharmacy Chapter
  • Student Affairs Chapter
  • Telepharmacy Chapter
  • Veterinary Chapter

Pharmacists and their work

Today pharmacists in this country can be found in various establishments, being:

  • Government hospitals involve in the pharmacy (patient counseling, drug supply management, ward supply management)
  • Private hospitals with similar functions as government hospital pharmacist
  • Community pharmacies
  • Pharmaceutical trading companies
  • Factories manufacturing pharmaceuticals
  • Factories manufacturing health products, cosmetics
  • Research/analytical laboratories
  • Universities as lecturers, head of departments
  • National Pharmaceuticals Control Bureau
  • Regulatory departments as regulatory enforcement officers
  • Veterinary companies

The current population of pharmacists in this country is around 2600. This figure is expected to increase at a greater rate in the near future. This will help the pharmacist profession here to be able to fulfill its role as set out in the motto: "Berkhidmat Untuk Kesihatan Rakyat (Service towards a Healthy Malaysian Society)

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